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Fastx dating info

For those users with eduroam accounts provided by their home institute, access is straightforward.For those without eduroam account, a special registration procedure must be conducted to obtain guest access for the limited time period.

It is generally advisable to get in touch as soon as possible to advance the planning.The default expectation is that those nodes are using during the shift of the users, and usage stops at the end of the shift (so that the other experiment can start using the machines during their shift).These are The ONC can only be accessed from workstation (Linux Ubuntu 16) in the control hutch or from dedicated access workstations located at the XFEL headquarter building on level 1.After connecting to the XFEL-Guest network (also when using a network patch cable) and opening a web browser, the user will be able to register for the usage if guest network.The registration is valid for 10 days and 5 devices.

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